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I have always been interested in photography. My dad had a dark room set up in our basement when I was young, and I remember being told it messed up the exposure when I snuck a peek and opened the door. I always thought dark rooms were straight out of science fiction movies. The red lights, the chemicals. I took photography classes in high school, and then again when I was getting my design degree. But it wasn't until we moved to Hawaii that I really started putting my passion into it.

There is such a story to be told in photograph. I am sure everyone knows at least a handful of photos you have seen that make you just stop and stare at them. I love photos that capture that emotion that is happening right in that fleeting moment of life. A stolen kiss while the kids are occupied, a cute moment when a couple smiles at one another, a moment between a parent and child. All of these moments are the ones I graviate towards.

Most artists will always say they are a work in progress, and I am no different. In some of my early work, I could see what my vision was - I just didn't know how to capture it in the way I wanted to. WIth practice, patience and a lot of "whoops'" I am loving how it is progressing!

Boho kind of life

Could this family be any more cute?! The VW van is the perfect Hawaiian topper. Who wouldn't want to travel around the island with a surfboard on the top and a mai tai from Monkey Pod?

Special thanks to Kat Parker Photography and Sherleen May Photography for putting this all together!

The West Family

When the whole family comes to visit, it is the perfect time for family photos. You could not ask for a prettier backdrop. 

I was able to get some time with each couple so they could have photos of their individual families.

Baby Ellie B.

I love that I got to do this family's sessions all the way from start to finish. We did a pineapple gender reveal before Dev deployed for six months, then did Amanda's maternity shoot (could she be  a more gorgeous momma-to-be? Then I got to do Ellie B's newborn photos!

Baby Barrett - "Fresh 48"

This gorgeous family of four just became a party of five. I had the pleasure of doing this momma's maternity photos and their "Fresh 48" (48 hours after birth)  in the hospital. They are such a joy to work with!

Senior Sessions

I chose this location to photograph at because I really enjoyed the colors and design put into this graffiti artwork. It is a funky background, but at the same time fits with the type of shoot I was doing.