Cain-Stone Design & Photography
Danielle Cain-Stone

A little bit about me....

As a child I knew I needed something artistic to do in order to be happy. You could always find me with a drawing vessel of some sort doodling on anything I could. In college, I needed something I could do that would be fulfilling as well. I started out as a business major and knew it was not a good fit. I decided to study abroad in Salzburg, Austria in hopes of finding my calling (while also traveling to really cool places!) Eventually I came back and got on the right path, creativity-wise. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and a BA in Fine Arts from Iowa State University's College of Design. 

I have worked as a logo and invitation designer, photographer, book designer and formatter, sign maker, painter amougst all the other non-creative jobs that helped fund my schooling.

Funny enough, I did earn my Master's of Business from Wesley College (and ended up with business in my resume anyways!) Someday I will hopefully have a painting studio of my own and live happily ever after painting away and taking beautiful photographs!
 I have been with my college sweetheart since 2003 and we have moved from Iowa, to Flordia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Delaware and currently Hawaii. We have a beautiful little girl, who is my everything. I love to travel and she is so great with just going along with us. Life is good!